120 blocks of concrete
two people and four hours

By means of this performance, empty space will be questioned, or perhaps the lack thereof, in the Netherlands and the city of Rotterdam. In the Netherlands every square metre has an owner and purpose. Why isn’t there a space wich is simply left unfilled?

In September 2015, a piece of no man’s land on the border with Germany and the Netherlands caught my attention. It seemed to be the only piece in the Netherlands that belonged to no one, where there were no plans. An idealistic notion, but meanwhile, this no man’s land has been declared an independent state by a group of people. Now there are many new plans for what used to be empty. There seems to be an unstoppable urge to give substance to nothingness; fill in the void.
During the performance I built an endless circle of blocks for four hours, as a metaphor for the ideal space: a place where there is always the possibility of change and new interpretation.

special thanks to Rosalynn van Hummel, Maurik Stomps and the people of Vrijstaat Wonderland
photography performance: Naomi Modde, Anke Zwinkels, Kelly Fober, Lieke van Kalken, Anna Steijger

OPEN Rotterdam made a video about the work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7vFlgbTNIY&t=10s